Whats New for 2022


New Design 

Automobili Mottola will be completing the design of a all new model:  The Savoia


This will be a traditional front motor sport car which will retain the look and feel of  what the love of sport cars is all about.


There also will be a Savoia EV which will also be  a rear wheel drive vehicle, holding on to sport car heritage

in the new frontier of automobiles.


Assembly Plant

Automobili Mottola is wishing to relocate


Reason: Our small facility only gives us the capability of making 3 supercars a year.

Larger space and with more employees will broaden our spectrum immensely. We do not want to fall into the paradox of taking pre orders with no way of producing automobiles in a reasonable time frame.

We will retain our head quarters in Mottola Italy but the manufacturing will be done elsewhere.


locations of interest are: China , Brazil  or  Australia

Automobili Mottola - Electric Page 2.jpg
Automobili Mottola - Time For a New SUV.pptx.jpg