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Pictured with Active Aero Package

Available Engines

  • V8   Twin Turbo

  • V8   High Output Non Turbo

  • V10 Twin Turbo

  • V10 High Output Non Turbo

  • V12 Twin Turbo

  • V12 High Output Non Turbo

  • V20 CRAZY

  • V24 INSANE

Available Aero Package Options

Available Engines

  • Extreme High Output Electric Engine 

  • Controlled Braking tilting  rear wing wing and hood deflectors panels

  • Rear Raked Diffuser 

  • Front Spoiler w/ Air Duct 

Gold 1.png

The Ultimate Supercar

Hand built for each individual customer

Supercar / Hypercar

Available Colors


The Ultimate Supercar

Hand crafted supercar made with the customer in mind.. The Lauviah will be custom made for each client, making every car very unique and special. Interior  plaque will state the manufacture date with each customer name along with the model details.

THE LAUVIAH was born to be the ultimate supercar. Powerful, Sleek and Sexy. Created to have the driver feel at one with the road, in total control. The Lauviah will the most extreme and engaging behind the wheel experience in today's supercar marketplace

Star Cluster Silver 

 Jewel Red

   Vivid White   

 Stealth Black 

 Pearl White 

Gold Bullion 


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