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Italy is well known for its history, heritage and passion for food.
The the open road races and the fabulous Supercars. This is something that for many years has been associated with northern Italy . No longer !

Automobili Mottola SpA
is located where the
family name is derived
from The village of Mottola
Located in the providence 
of Taranto Italy. The Mottola
village and family can be
dated back to " Pre History"!

Automobili Mottola spans 
over 4 generations. 2020 
being there breakthrough 
year in the Supercar arena. Prior they build one off cars per customers request who needed something more unique then a factory car.

Villino Odaldo, Mottoa Italy.jpg
Casino Del Duca, Mottola Italy.png
Casino Del Duca, Mottola Italy
Mottola Town Hall, Mottola Italy.jpg
The Mother Church, Mottola Italy
Mottola Town Hall, Mottola Italy
The Mother Church, Mottola Italy.png
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